Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to Dress

Title: How to Dress - Your complete style guide for every occasion
Author: Gok Wan
Publisher: HarperCollins
Price: RM42.90
No. of Pages: 255
Year: 2008

Gok wants to help you finds the perfect clothes for every occasion - because life's too short to get stressed about getting dressed. Whether you have 5 pound or 500 pound to spend, think of this book as your very own one-to-one personal styling session with Gok.

He'll show you how to put together outfits for every occasion, help you find your own personal style and get you excited about fashion again. When someone comes up and say 'I love your outfit', it's the best compliment in the world, so let's make that happen often more. This is going to be fun!

Style supremo Gok Wan is every woman's best friend. He has been in the industry for over a decade, dressing countless celebrities and fashion pages. His makeover TV series How to Look Good Naked transformed him into a star because he genuinely cares about the women whose style and lives he changes. His first book, How to Look Good Naked, was an instant bestseller.

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