Friday, 27 May 2011

J.K. Rowling & I

Every one knows her - J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter. But does any one know about her life, especially before she is well-known? Upon finishing her first Harry Potter book, she's been through a divorce, her mother died, being a single mother - raising her daughter alone and lived on goverment subsidies. I think she began to write at the age of 30, more or less.

Her manuscript was rejected bu 12 publishers! Even the one that purchased it advised her to get a day job. But now, she's rich, much richer than the Queen of England!

I'm going to be 31 by September this year. 30 was my turning point age. I do everthing that I wish for. After losing a job last year, I bought lots of book but I had no intention of being an author or writer. I'm happy when I look at my book collection. I bought everything, novels, travelog, beauty, etc... and even psychiatry book! I was thinking of writing essays. I wrote one but I got no feedback from a magazine.

Until fourth quarter of last year, I began seriously writing a book. The idea of writing music book pop up on my mind. I never planned it. Thanks God for that idea. I pray so hard,  hoping that my music book project goes smoothly.

I heard people say, "You can't make money by writing book." But I want to prove that it is wrong!

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